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benita stroller

a good recreation with your baby

benita stroller that kinds full size stroller who resistance to 40 kg. this stroller with metallic frame , equipped to 6 EVA tire ; to have 360 rotation ability. For discouregment than motion you can lock behind tire’s . this stroller in open state have 51*80*103 sm dimension . also you can amass this stroller to easily and to shiping . this product inparcel state can 51*22*81.5 to occupy. Stroller’s stuft can separated easily and washing. Glass case on handle. Pedal and adjustable backrest than other facility for ths stroller

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benita stroller

Are you bursting with energy? Does your heart beat in tune with the times? Do you think life is for living and do you want to bond with your baby and make the family years the best time of your life? Then experience the joy of living with the Benita .

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Important Details of BENITA

storage basket yes
reversible pushbar yes
sun shade yes
swivel wheels yes
parking brake yes
detachable footrest yes
hand wash fabrics yes
height_adjustable footrest yes
total weight 9.3kg
max weight 40kg
PDF 15.98 MB

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