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The bed next to Delijan's mother

Experience a comfortable sleep with your loved one

Parents are usually told to sleep with their babies wherever they sleep better. But this is not really a good recommendation. There are safer places for your baby to sleep and places that may be more dangerous.

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, the child should be placed in a base, cradle, or cradle near the mother's bed while sleeping.

 Studies show that more than 3,500 infants in the United States die suddenly and unexpectedly each year during sleep, often due to sudden infant death syndrome or accidental death from suffocation or suffocation.

 Cradle or crib reduces the risk of sudden infant death syndrome by allowing mothers to respond more quickly to changes in their baby's breathing and movement. The baby bed is designed to be securely attached to the parental bed, so sleep with your baby close to you, but in a special place.

Flat bedside capabilities

It is impossible to separate a baby's sleeping position from the mother for the first few months. Your sleep may be hungry or wake up for a variety of reasons. While it is difficult to separate the child, this bed partially separates the child from the mother.

The Delijan baby bed has a seat belt (to be fixed beside the mother's bed), which can be adjusted to the desired height next to a variety of beds using adjustable pedestals.

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