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کالسکه ای اقتصادی با کیفیتی ماندگار

Delijan Company gives you the opportunity to watch your beloved child move as he or she moves on the move. The 130 Deluge carriage is equipped with eight EVA-coated wheels that can rotate 360 degrees. The rear wheels can be locked to prevent the carriage from moving. You can also easily carry and carry this carriage. Other features of the 130-carriageway carriage are the ability to move the handle and create a parenting mode. The stroller fabric is easily detachable from the stroller and can be washed.

Although parenting is a child's safest shelter, it is not always possible for you to hug and accompany your beloved child during a long partying trip and when shopping for a stroller. Come to make it easier for both you and your child.

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