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Venus twin stroller

rest and light

the joy at the birth of twins or of a little brother or sister is simply indescribable

The double bundle of joy holds new for twin baby or two baby with low age and different you can use to venus twin stroller . total ably , transport and control twin stroller little hard but in venus stroller baby can sit progressive , so you can transport and control this stroller

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venus twin stroller

But the double bundle of joy holds new challenges. The role of the pushchair in family life becomes more important than ever. The venus allows you to keep the freedom and flexibility which you cherish. It can be converted to a travel system in just a few clicks and folded away to a minimum. They can look at each other as they are pushed along, laugh together, look up at you or just sit and watch the world go by

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Important Details of VENUS

frame metal
storage basket yes
max weight 40kg
parking brake yes
canopy yes
transport lock yes
total weight 10.17kg
glass case yes
PDF 5.39 MB

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