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PARMA Car Seat

Extra security

A baby seat has been suggested by experts to achieve maximum safety in the car .This suggestion is very important so that many countrries have obligated using of car seats . Parma model of Delijan car seat has three-point seat belts and tow supports for hands and strong connection that exhibits a more different manifestation of safety. 








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Parma model of Delijan car seat has a weight-bearing of 36 kilograms that is suitable for a nine-month-old baby to a 12-year-old child. Having high-quality cloth with additional pads of seat and two supports for hands will be a pleasant experience for a child. The three-point seat belt also has shoulder pads that can be adjusted in length by the front strap of the seat and will guarantee safety. other capabilities of this product are adjusting the Head cushion and seat belt height and separation and using the seat in form of a booster for older children.

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Important Details of PARMA

product weight 5.5kg
Max weight 36kg
Place for head yes
Hand wash fabrics yes

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